WINTER 2015/16


Porcini mushroom & mascarpone tartlet in a polenta & parmesan crust, served with a spicy green salad  

Baked goat’s cheese with lovage & hazelnut pesto, roast cherry tomatoes & peppery salad

Beetroot, apples, toasted walnuts & watercress & spicy leaves with a curry dressing

Beetroot & sour cream risotto with organic smoked salmon

Sweet’n’sour roasted chicory & radicchio with pine nuts, rocket & goat’s cheese

Smoked haddock brandade with beetroot & watercress salad

Balsamic-braised pears with Trealy Farm ‘prosciutto’, shaved Haresfield cheese & a rocket salad

Bagna cauda: a warm Italian dip of walnuts, garlic, anchovy & cream, served with steamed baby new potatoes & crudités

Gloucester Old Spot Pork, prune & pistachio terrine with a small salad, rye sourdough toast & home-made Blaisdon plum chutney



Italian-style ‘porchetta’ slow roast pork belly, stuffed with rosemary, sage, garlic & fennel seed, with crackling and apple & onion sauce

Moroccan-style chicken tagine: chicken thighs marinated in preserved lemon, garlic, turmeric & cumin, roasted, then braised with green olives and coriander, served with couscous dotted with sultanas, broccoli and a carrot & cos salad

Hereford beef shin slow-braised in Wye Valley stout with Gloucester Old Spot bacon & Portabello mushrooms

Venison , slow-braised in red wine with Gloucester Old Spot bacon and Portabello mushrooms

Mixed game casserole with caramelized apples and cider

Roast chicken leg, with a mushroom, cream & white wine sauce

Chicken marinated in garlic, ginger, lime & cardamom, braised in coconut milk & finished with yoghurt (Elaichi Murg)

‘Faisinjan’, Persian-style dish of chicken or duck, braised with ground walnut & pomegranate juice

Duck breast with roasted plum and spicy butternut caponata & sweet potato mash

Duck leg slow-cooked with beetroot, lentils and port

Homemade duck confit with pickled elderberries and potato rosti

Monkfish in a creamy vanilla & cardamom sauce

Fish of your choice, wrapped in bacon, served with ‘caponata’, a Sicilian-style sweet’n’sour version of ratatouille

Sea bass fillets, baked, with a tomato, garlic, caper & herb ‘salsa’

Monkfish medallions on creamy curried mussels

Fish of your choice baked with potatoes, tomatoes & olives, Italian-style

Roasted aubergine with walnut pesto & melting mozzarella, and spelt ‘tabbouleh’ (V)

Vegetarian tagine with artichoke hearts, peas, courgettes & chickpeas (V)

Roasted beetroot, red onion & squash, with a mushroom ‘barlotto’ and shaved vegetarian ‘parmesan’ (V)

All mains served with your choice of vegetables, e.g. wilted kale; steamed purple-sprouting broccoli; roasted pumpkin, red onion & carrot; celeriac & potato mash; roasted pumpkin mash; potato & celeriac dauphinoise; potato & beetroot dauphinoise; potato dauphinoise with juniper



Chocolate, coffee & cardamom truffle cake

Chocolate, walnut & brandy cake, served with Blaisdon plum ice cream and a fruit compote

Lemon & rosemary almond & polenta cake

Pears poached in spiced red wine, with chocolate sauce and crème fraiche

Bread, butter & marmalade pudding

Cheesecake: lemon; rhubarb & ginger, lemon, chocolate. according to your choice

Sherry trifle

Chocolate & hazelnut cake

Sticky toffee pudding

Sticky pear & ginger cake with toffee apple sauce

Pavlova – with fruit of your choice


All our meat and poultry is free range, all fish comes from MSC-approved sources.
Please let me know if there is any dish you would particularly like which you do not see here.